TEMPUR-Flex Collection

Adaptive & Responsive

All of the famous adaptive sleep benefits of TEMPUR material with a slightly springy feel.

TEMPUR-Flex Hybrid TEMPUR/Coil Spring Mattress

Designed for faster response. Our TEMPUR-Flex collection brings together a revolutionary combination of advanced TEMPUR- Response™ material and the responsiveness of precision micro coils. Feel amazing comfort as the bed perfectly adapts to your body, and individually encased springs support and react to your movements.

Profile: 10.5"
Learn More Flexible Hybrid TEMPUR Coil Spring Mattress
I do not wake up sore any more

Designed to respond more quickly to your movement to deliver a completely new feel that includes a bit of bounce. Features a perfect pairing of faster-adapting TEMPUR comfort integrated with densely packed precision coils for truly dynamic support.

Flexible Hybrid TEMPUR Coil Spring Mattress
Twin TwinXL Double Queen King
Profile: 11.5"
Learn More Hybrid TEMPUR Springy Coil Therapeutic Mattress
Worth every penny.

Featuring a Dynamic Suport Layer made of innovative precision coils that are specially engineered to work in harmony with a plush TEMPUR-Response material layer to actively react to your body's movements.

Hybrid TEMPUR Springy Coil Therapeutic Mattress
Twin TwinXL Double Queen King
Profile: 12.5"
Learn More TEMPUR Hybrid Coil Spring Therapeutic mattress
Complete comfort throughout the night

For people who want TEMPUR's famous transformative sleep, but don't want to stray too far from the familiar "springiness" of a traditional mattress. The ultimate combination of faster-adapting comfort and pressure-relieve with the dynamic support of TEMPUR-Response material.

TEMPUR Hybrid Coil Spring Therapeutic mattress
Twin TwinXL Double Queen King

93% of Tempur-Pedic owners love their mattress

Superior Sleep - Kristen

If it weren't for my Tempur-Pedic I wouldn't be able to sleep on my left side at all."

Andy - Former US Navy Seal
12-Year Owner
This Sleep is Power - Andy

My relationship with my bedroom can be summed up with the saying "quality over quantity" (thanks @tempurpedicCDN)

Sabrina Smelko
New TEMPUR-Breeze

@tempurpedic I slept on a tempurpedic bed last night and now I feel like I could run 46 miles.

Infinitely Adjustable

@tempurpedic My first time sleeping in a tempurpedic bed and I feel like I'm on a cloud.

Tempur-Pedic Collections

@tempurpedic What's the absolute best part of the day? The end... oh and an adjustable massaging tempur pedic bed. #sleeplikeaboss

Gene Folkes

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