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Sleep Stories: Rebeka and Raj

- Tempur-Pedic Apr 20, 2021

Rebeka and Raj have a spunky five-year-old son who keeps them on the go with long days and short nights, making deep, uninterrupted sleep a necessity. Before switching to a Tempur-Pedic®, Raj “slept hot” and couldn’t get comfortable – continuously waking Rebeka – causing many tired mornings for both of them.

As part of our on-going Sleep Stories Series, we were excited to chat with them about how Tempur-Pedic® has positively impacted their lives.


What made you choose Tempur-Pedic?

Rebeka: After we got married, a friend of ours recommended Tempur-Pedic, and we went a shortcut way instead and kind of got a knock-off.

Raj: Yeah. Within a year we realized it wasn't working out. And we ended up getting the Tempur-Pedic and realizing the huge difference.

What did you sleep like before Tempur-Pedic?

Raj: Before Tempur-Pedic, I used to toss and turn a lot. I would get very hot, take the covers off of myself, then really cool off for about half an hour and then do it all over again.

Rebeka: My biggest problem with our old mattresses was my lower back always hurt when I woke up and I thought it was because of yoga, but it was the way I was sleeping. And I would not ever get comfortable. And this guy, also with the old mattress, tended to snore a bit, so that was an issue too.

What do you love most about your Tempur-Pedic?

Rebeka: The best thing about our Tempur-breeze° would probably be the cooling aspect of it, which is very helpful. And I've seen a difference with the Tempur-Pedic, now my lower back doesn't hurt as much because my body kind of molds in better.^

Raj: [The mattress is] very comforting, kind of just jumping into the bed feeling nice and cozy right away, not having to move and position yourself to get comfortable. You're not lying around in bed waiting to fall asleep, you just fall asleep.


What effect has the Tempur-Pedic had on you?

Rebeka: It's kind of amazing how Tempur-Pedic's pretty much thought of a lot of issues that we've had. And the fact that when you get into a Tempur-Pedic, it's just so cool. You're comfortable and you're happy going into bed. And those little things make a difference.

Raj: Yeah, I mean I would describe it as a big hug. Like when you get into the bed, it's really just a big hug and you feel comfortable. You’re not hot, you’re very cool and you kind of feel a relief on your body.

Watch Rebekah and Raj describe how their Tempur-Pedic has helped them achieve uninterrupted sleep (even with a five-year-old):

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