You've heard Tempur-Pedic is better, but do you know why?


That's because TEMPUR® material is not typical memory foam. Our proprietary formulation changed the way the world sleeps. And it can do the same for you.

  • TEMPUR® Material

    Responds to your temperature, weight and shape for personalized comfort and support.

  • It's a "slow melt" feeling

    It minimizes pressure points by redistributing your body weight across the entire surface fo the mattress.

  • Still as can be

    TEMPUR material supports you independently so you remain undisturbed by your sleep partner’s movements.

The TEMPUR Material Difference - More than Memory Foam

95% of Tempur-Pedic owners are satisfied with their quality of sleep

TEMPUR-Flex Collection
"I dream of perfect peeling waves and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to train, surf, and work." CATHERINE
One-Year Owner, Surfer**
TEMPUR-Contour Collection
"If it weren't for my Tempur-Pedic, I wouldn't be able to sleep on my left side at all." ANDY
Twelve-Year Owner, Former U.S. Navy Seal**
TEMPUR-Cloud Collection
"I believe it has improved my health and wellness since owning this mattress." MICHELLE
Five-Year Owner, Paralympian**
TEMPUR-Breeze Collection
"After a few sleeps, I noticed quite a dramatic change in my quality of sleep and how my body felt." NEVILLE
One-Year Owner, Bobsledder**
** Real product owners compensated for time

There's a Tempur-Pedic for every body.

Find the feel that's just right for you.

TEMPUR-Contour Mattress Collection
TEMPUR-Contour Collection

Firm and Conforming

TEMPUR-ES Mattress Collection
TEMPUR-ES Collection

Soft and Supportive

TEMPUR-Flex Mattress Collection
TEMPUR-Flex Collection

Adaptive and Responsive

TEMPUR-Breeze Mattress Collection
TEMPUR-Breeze Collection

Cool and Refreshing