Create a place of true relaxation.

Give yourself a raise.

Spend your time in bed, reading, watching TV, or using a laptop.

Tempur-Pedic Canada Adjustable Bases and Foundations

Just as every building needs a solid foundation, so should the mattress on which you rest your body every night. But, since mattresses are not just for sleep, a proper bed base can be a game-changer when it comes to watching TV or reading a few pages of a favourite book before bed.

Check out the full lineup of Tempur-Pedic® bed bases to see which suits your lifestyle best. Whether it’s the fully-adjustable comfort of the TEMPUR-Ergo Plus or the solid stabilizing influence of the TEMPUR-Flat Foundation, ensure your sleep is built on correct support.

TEMPUR-Ergo Plus

TEMPUR-Ergo Plus Adjustable Bed Base

Head and foot lift, with virtually unlimited ergonomic positions.

TEMPUR-Flat Foundation

TEMPUR-Flat Foundation Bed Base Grey

Available in co-ordinating colours to suit any mattress, and a variety of heights to suit any preference.

TEMPUR-Up Adjustable Foundation

TEMPUR-Up Adjustable Foundation Bed Base Canada

Raise your head to enjoy a virtually infinite number of positions.

TEMPUR-Ergo Premier

TEMPUR-Ergo Premier Adjustable Bed Base

Head and foot lift, plus memory positions and massage.

A Tempur-Pedic Adjustable Base can change your life.

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